IP Police - AI-generated video

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Summer Rain

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Tribute to Jane Goodall (set to the song, "Megaman")

The woman who changed our perception of nature, forever. Jane Goodall. We made this little compilation film out of deepest admiration for one of the biggest heroes of our time. I am not a representative of the Jane Goodall Institute, though I encourage others to support their projects. My opinions are my own and I am just a fan of this incredible woman who started a conservation moment with a single touch and spends every living breath showing us the way to live a more sustainable life. Visit https://www.janegoodall.org/ to learn more.

2nd Studio Album Preview

Recorded in Manchester with 33 session artists and Chris "Toast" Hamilton as producer, engineer and wizard of of 2" tape!

Original Music Videos

Cover Songs

"Fishing Muddy Puddles" debut solo album

Debut solo album recorded in Berlin with producer, Tom Krimi. This album features major songs like Modern Earth, Red Ribbon and Supersonic and was toured in Germany and Czech Republic to high praise.

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